Farmville Hack Trainer – Plus Auto-Farming Bot System

Farmville Trainer v1.43has been released! Check the Programs Section for the download link!

Our trainer offers, a farming bot system which is similar to the ones seen before on the internet. The farming bot system will manage your farm without you being on the computer. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you are sitting in front of your screen watching your farm. This bot will do all of farming functions, a normal person would do.

You are able to change the experience rate and coin rate. The exp rate will change how fast you will level. The coin rate will multiple the coins you receive by that amount. We also included a bunch of other “freezers,” some which are useful and some are for the laughs.

Farmville Hack Trainer BotCoins freezer will freeze how much coins you have, so you basically have an unlimited amount of coins. Item freezer freezes the item stack, so when you sell the item, it will stay be in your inventory. Fake gift sender will generate fake gifts onto your friend’s walls, but they will not actually receive a real item. It is just to annoy them. Everything else is pretty self-explanatory.

The first thing you want to do is to have Farmville open in your default browser. For example, if you use Firefox – then open Farmville via Facebook with your Firefox. After that, set the Browser’s Settings on the program or you wouldn’t be allowed to use any of the options. Also make sure the Anti-Detection Bypass is enabled, if not just reopen the program.

After that just check off whichever hack you want to use. As for the botting system, just make sure you are standing on top of a field before enabling it and it will work fine. It should work in full-screen mode also. The botting system will not work if your browser is minimized. The feature will be implemented for VIP only in the near future.

Check the Youtube video to see the features:

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