Zynga Poker Chips Hack Trainer v4.7.1

We been testing Zynga Poker Hack Trainer for a long time in VIP. Most of the VIP didn’t want to share it, but it is now time for a public release. Most of the VIP users are already tired of the Zynga Poker Hack. The VIP version has some extra “fun” Zynga Poker Hack which makes no real change to the game-play. There is practically no difference between the public and private one. We wouldn’t discuss about them to prevent them from getting patched. We will discuss the hacks featured in the public trainer below.

Zynga Poker Hack Chips TrainerCheck out the Zynga Poker Hack Chips trainer’s screenshot and video:

Unlike most trainers on YouTube that promises some kind of “Zynga Poker Chips Hack,” we do not offer such feature in our trainer. There is no such thing as a free chip hack. Most of them will steal your Facebook account which is a very personal account. Our program is 100% safe to use, don’t buy anymore chips online!
Here is a list of features our Zynga Poker Chips Hack trainer does have:

1. Freeze Chips – This hack will freeze the amount of chips you have, it will never increase or decrease. We will discuss how you can abuse this hack with the Game Botting feature of the trainer below.

2. Always All In – This makes it so you will always go All In every round – use it with Freeze Chips and people will get really confused :D

3. Reveal All Hands – This was the most requested feature and we’re glad we were able to fulfill it. This feature allow you to see everybody’s hands. For example, if it displays A|K on top of your opponent’s hands that means they have an Ace and a King.

4. Force Folds – This can only be enabled in the beginning of the round after the dealing has happened. You can’t use this feature once people start checking/folding. Basically this allows you to win the blinds. It is useful in high blinds tables.

5. Kick All From Table – Basically it will kick everybody from the table, it can only be used after the round ended.

6. Reverse Direction – When this is enabled, the direction goes counter clockwise. It is unexpected for most players which will lead to mistakes or just piss them off
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