Ultimate Game Card Generator v3 Update

Ultimate Game Card GeneratorWe’re really happy with the growing pace of our community. We reached 6,000 Facebook fans during late July, and now we’re almost 7,000 Facebook fans. We’re keeping our promises of at least 1 new release every week – there will also be a new article following this release.

Ultimate Game Card Generator, a generator that will be able to generator free codes for over 1,000 online games. It puts most of our other generators out of work! Yes, the generator is using our newest version 3 code. There is a lot of positive response from the community regarding v3. It is very useful as you can save codes to a text file and you can generate an unlimited amount of code. It is really amazing piece of code! We are the only site with generators like this, also don’t forget we’re the only site that provides real generators.

We worked really hard in cracking the code to make this generator. We hope you guys enjoy the free ultimate game card codes you are generating with our unique software. Let’s take a look together of how the ultimate card code generator looks like:
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