Restaurant City Hack Trainer v2.1.1 – Released uPDATE 2012

Restaurant city hack trainer is another request that was sent in a few months back. We intended to release it earlier, but the update changed a few offsets around so we have to take a while to update the trainer. Now the trainer will auto update to the newest offset, so you don’t have to download a new version every time a new restaurant city version is released!

Don’t forget to subscribe and share it with your friends by Facebook Liking or using the Share button below. A screenshot of the program is seen below:

Say good bye to cheat engine, with this easy to use hack trainer! Using a Cheat Engine table can be annoying and confusing for newbies. With our program it is much easier and you don’t have to do anything besides enabling the hack you want to use.

All of the features of Restaurant city hack trainer have been tested by VIP members, and they are 100% working. Let’s talk about some of the hacks. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory. I will explain the ones that are not.
Free Gifts is a hack that enables unlimited gifts from your friends. You will constantly receive a gift pop up until you disable it. 50,000 Coins Level Up Reward is an memory script that will make you always get rewarded 50,000 Coins when you level it. This feature works great with the experience rate hack. You will be rich in no time :)

The beta tab includes hacks that are new to the trainer and haven’t been tested intensely. Most of them should work without problems. The fun stuff are pretty funny. The glitch hair/skin hack makes your character turn into random colors (flashy rainbow effect). The admin hack makes you label as an admin, but admin commands don’t work for you (only visually) – you can use it to trick your friends ;). The fire everybody is a pretty useful command if you want to assign new roles again. One man army makes one person do everybody’s jobs (that means if you have 1 friend he will do EVERYTHING).

You can watch the trainer below:

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