Full Trick Play Zynga Poker on Facebook

To your facebook fan mania would know that his name playing poker on facebook, well some of my friends asked trick tips about playing poker on facebook.
Before going to the Trick Tips Play Texas Holdem Poker, Zynga Poker on Facebook, for you who do not know the address, when already logged in type in the facebook search box with keywords you play poker or Zynga Texas Holdem Poker or poker chips, the next you'll be taken to a page these.
Here are some tips and tricks to play poker on facebook:
Level playing poker Poker In Level also determines, the person who has a 100K Level Pro with persons having different levels of course lucky 10M card that came out, the higher your level will be higher and the presentation of your card came out lucky. example: there are two players the A (pro-100K) and the B (pro-5M). initial card of the A (U.S. 10) and the initial card B (King and Jack), if at all in the test sama2 presentation there is a greater victory in the B card, the card center which will be more inclined to ride on the card B. Try it yourself I have to prove it:)
If your first card to U.S. 10, K 10, Q 10, J 10, Pairs do not hesitate to all in, it is useful to bully opponents who do not have a good card as you are, if you raise little by little, the opponent will try to buy a card and middle of the card hoping that there will be opened up his card, but if you've been all in from early in your opponent will surely guarantee you fear, at least that part which had such a good little card pair, but still there on your winning percentage. I was also surprised I have often experienced anything like this, maybe the formula already been decided before time yes.
If you run out to win big, flee to save your money, do not be left piled in the table table because it will make you money depleted, people who have good cards will lure you bit by bit to remove your chips until you are in force for all in.
Put the chips do not banyak2 capital, for example you play at tables $ 500 / 1K when you SIT numbers listed to buy chips is 100 000 do not directly enter, you buy just a little, for example, 50 000, do not let you quickly run out of chips.
Occasionally there is nothing wrong to bully your opponents even if your card is not good, it is useful to your enemy hard and confused reading your style of play, if you always fold when it gets ugly and Raise card or all-in when you get a card then the opponent's Pair it would be easy to read style of your game, when you're All in it is no enemy dare to just buy a card.
If your card is bad then do not be forced to continue playing at that table, try out dressing table, looking for a new table and start playing again.
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