How to get your Facebook Poker account unbanned

It is known that poker players in Facebook to get their accounts banned for a number of reasons. Swearing-in tables, and being offensive to other players in games, evasion curtains in the tables, using multiple accounts, or even publish pictures of your girlfriend dressed as a teddy bear half-naked (I am only one?)
How to get your Facebook Poker account unbanned
Whatever the reason may have your chips poker facebook freeze or suspend your account, it usually ends up coming as a surprise to most of the players who are horrified to find out what may have been banned in the next time you log on to Facebook, or the accounts of MySpace to play a few hands of poker Poker Texas. These suspensions is determined on the results of a comprehensive approach to game officials hell to ban the account everyone, even the players will buy more chips with Facebook (such as some people claim in online forums) or is it just the efforts of game developers in an attempt to keep their environment default safe and friendly for a place for players to get a fun and socially ?

Although I'm sure there are many cases where the game officials exceeded their duties and unfairly blocked the accounts of some Facebook poker players, most often, people get their accounts banned because they violated rules designed to bring order to the worlds social gaming. Without an order from a little, let's face it, these games are fast becoming a competition to see who can insult the most discount instead of who can win in a game of poker chips Most of the Logo.

Here is what you can do to get Facebook on the chips back and unfreeze your account:

• Contact game developers directly and fill out a support ticket. There are millions of players in the poker games that Facebook needed a little patience until you receive a response. Most developers get back to you in 1-3 days, though sometimes it may take a week or more to get to solve the problem if they have to pull up your account to confirm or deny any of the supposed excesses.

• Do not be a donkey when you write them. An insult to them and will not get the service priority. Lost and not to write an article about your life, either, and it does not need to know how I have been divorced 6 times, all your limbs in Vietnam, or how your mother and have her legs shaved with a razor dull and traumatized when I was a kid. Keep the privacy of communication over short and sweet, and to the point, and make sure you include a link to your profile so they know who you are.

And will always get your account and poker chips facebook back? Ofcourse not. Some players are just psychotic cases is capable of socializing in the real world, let alone one virtual where they have the advantage of being almost unknown. It is only reasonable that managers of the game does not want to allow some players not socially valid again in the game. If you fit this description, you're probably better off puppies microwave or throwing bricks off the highway pass in any case, instead of playing poker on the Internet.
How to get your Facebook Poker account unbanned
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