Strategy guide Facebook Texas Holdem Poker.

If you think you know the Texas hold em poker, think again. On Facebook, it is a completely different game and your strategy should change dramatically. Internet environment gives us confidence, too much of this belief causes us to lose control and fail at the game on Facebook.

Ranked No. 6 in Facebook applications per 1 February 2012, Texas Hold Em Poker is serious fun. Although only voluntary inflows into the game, (you can buy credits but did not get anything in return). Its taken poker to the next level.

I guess you know how to play Texas Holm Em already. So here are some things to consider when you are playing on Facebook.

How to choose a table.
There are many casinos and lots of tables inside. It does not really matter which casino you choose, if
No one at the casino you then just make a change, although I have never experienced an abandoned casino in this game. Select the table, depending on your current poker chip. Do not be afraid to play 80% of your chips at once if you're a risk taker, and if you want to play little to choose a table around 10-20% of your chips in total (if you are low) or else you will get no where .

When you call, you should carefully consider, in real life, there is no bell to tell you to hurry up, not browse anonymously. It affects you to act quickly, but what you should do is make a wise decision. If the two cards you are, for example, K of spades and 6 Diamond, do not look too good. My suggestion would be to come if you have not received a call on the table, check it out. Never throw away an opportunity that you have paid.

Stand up sit down

When you sit on the table, you have to pay a buy in. So stand up and sit down after winning each can cost you a lot. So when you buy in, in the first place, there are two advantages to having a large amount you save on purchases, and more on the table, so if you lose some, you do not need to spend your purchase as often, and when you only have a few hundred chips left and you call it, over the next few cards, you do not have to donate something, you lose all the money and distributed to the people-2, 3, etc., before you get your parts, which can be as low as 10%.

Free Chips
Free chips are available from friends, so it's a good idea to get a lot of them, some good friends to send gifts chips every day! Daily chance / lottery is a quick way to get free chips. A small number will be under $ 1000 and will reach 1 million. Login every day for a week and you may at least, $ 5000.

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