Trick Zynga Hack - Phishing attacks use email

Phishing attacks use email or malicious website(s) to trick users into revealing account information, personal information, or financial data. A phishing attack usually begins with a spoofed email or malicious website(s) that pretends to be from Zynga or another trusted company.
Here are some tips to help you avoid becoming the victim of a phishing scam:
Don’t trust requests for your personal information claiming to be from Zynga. Zynga CS or security personnel will NEVER ask you for:
Your account password.
Your social security number or tax identification number.
Your full credit card number or PIN number.
If you have any questions about the collection, storage, use, or security of your information, please send an inquiry to

Don’t trust threatening emails claiming to be from Zynga. Zynga will not email you notices of violations or breaches of "terms and conditions"

Any email claiming to be from the "Zynga Police" or "Zynga Security" is not from Zynga. These emails often contain intimidating wording and threaten extreme actions if a user does not click a link.
Any legitimate warnings issued from Zynga will occur in-game upon login.
Check the website address
Fake emails that claim to be from Zynga will request that you visit a web site that looks legitimate, but is not, and ask you to log in. If you’re ever asked to click a web site link in an email, think before you click. Be cautious of links, even if the address includes "zynga", "farm", "mafiawars", or other words related to Zynga games.
If you're ever suspicious, you can always visit an actual Zynga page by manually typing into your browser.
Check the sender of the email

Zynga will occasionally send you emails related to your game play. Emails from Zynga will originate from either a or email address. Always be cautious of suspicious sounding messages.
Email spoofing happens when the person who sends you an email pretends to be someone else. Spoofed emails contain fake "From:" addresses, making it difficult to tell where they originated.
Don’t believe overblown claims of free coins, chips, or gifts

Many phishers attempt to entice Zynga users with fake offers of free, ultra rare, secret or exclusive in-game items (coins, chips, gifts, etc.). These fake offers may be viewed in tweets, emails, fan pages, forum messages, or chat rooms.
Occasionally, Zynga does offer legitimate in-game extras on official Zynga pages, forums, or twitter pages. Please check official Zynga sources to confirm a legitimate promotion before clicking on what may be a fake offer. If the source of the message is not an official Zynga page, these messages are likely not from us. We generally recommend that you log in to the game and utilize our in-game system for accepting any gifts.
Don’t trust unsolicited “password reset” emails. We won’t reset your password unless you ask us to

We all forget sometimes, so Zynga does provide methods for resetting your password. However, if you haven’t requested a new password in the last five minutes, do not click the link provided in any message claiming to be a password reset.
Think twice before opening emails with attachments or claiming to be from affiliates
Zynga does not send emails that require you to open attachments, nor do we permit our partners and affiliates to do so. Don't open any email attachments from suspicious or unknown sources. Additionally, Zynga does not allow partners and affiliates to email users asking them to participate in surveys, quizzes, etc. in exchange for free in-game items.
In addition to the information above, here are some additional ways to spot fake Zynga emails:

Obvious misspellings and typos
Messages containing words and sentences in two different fonts, or with oddly placed accents
Mismatched links: When you hover over a link, look at the status bar and make sure the link actually goes to the link shown in the email. Zynga will NEVER use an IP address (string of numbers) followed by directories, such as: http://123.456.789.123/zynga/
Zynga is a member of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, a global enforcement association focused on eliminating the fraud and identity theft that results from phishing, pharming, and email spoofing. Please visit their web site for more information.
You can report phishing to Zynga by sending a message to Please include the suspicious link, as well as any information you have regarding the sender.
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