Hacker Steals $12 Million In Zynga Poker Chips

Hacker in Devonshire, England, pleaded guilty to stealing $ 12 million claimed in the online poker chips from Texas Hold Zynga in 'Em on Facebook, and he faces a possible prison sentence.

At Exeter Crown Court, chaired by Judge Philip Wassal, 29-year-Ashley Mitchell admitted hacking giant social online game accounts. He stole 400 billion virtual poker chips, the company turned a $ 12 million dollarov.
Haker money on the black market for virtual fencing, netting $ 85.870 (£ 53,000) for his arrest. He has made $ 298.117 (£ 184,000) if he has the opportunity to sell all their chips on the price, he sat down.
While the Prosecutor Gareth Evans said that Zynga does not lose the real goods from theft, robbery is similar to real life as a producer of online virtual currency and a national mint can either "print" new money, old money, if lost, stolen or lost value - to reset interesting light on the currency actually works in the real world.
Evans also said that it is difficult to put a hard value on the fact that Mitchell had been stolen, but said the chip was sold to Zynga will reach $ 12 million.
"The court actually found that, despite the virtual currency is not real and endless advice, he can still win the legal protection in the same way as real world currency," said Jas Purewal, author of Law player / Internet development, noting that he believed that the explosion in online game and selling items in the game leads to a precedent case for digital currencies.
Mitchell seems a lot of hackers tricked me if Zynga stolen currency valued at $ 12 million, but he only netted $ 85,870 and $ 298,117 is unrealized sales. Why do you think the difference is so big? And how can the British legal precedent for future prosecutions social
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